Community Food Project (Freezer Trailer)

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£12,000 project cost

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Community Food Project (Freezer Trailer)

This is particularly aimed at vulnerable pensioners, disadvantaged and low-income families, people impacted by unemployment due to COVID-19 and carers. Ultimately this is a city-wide provision with the special focus on Podsmead, Tuffley and Linden.

This is a one-off request for funds of £12,000 for a freezer trailer for the storage of frozen meals that are cooked daily and distributed for members of the Gloucester community predominantly in the Podsmead and Gloucester area for the community club grub project.

The project will continue to grow with the effects of Covid and we will activate an increases response to assist the schools during the 6 weeks summer holidays. We plan, once Covid restrictions are lifted to hold community big lunch days to bring the whole community together with food. Along with Podsmead Big Local and the city council we will work to develop their food strategy and this will put Podsmead in the heart of that potential strategy helping shift more focus to Podsmead and nearby communities.

This project will ultimately provide opportunities for training and employment with a focus on local people..

Project Cost: £12,000

Community support needed: 100

Where: Club @ Tuffley Park

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