Buy equipment to allow children the best start to their early years by: Emily Chambers

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Buy equipment to allow children the best start to their early years by: Emily Chambers

The aim of this project is to continue providing a childcare service in Podsmead. We moved to Widden Old Boys Rugby Club in September 2018 when our previous setting closed down due to health and safety reasons. This playgroup although already established was built with existing staff and children with no start up finances therefore we’ve built on what we’ve had and have done in excess of 225 volunteer hours.

We are the only childcare provider in Podsmead, and we are applying for this grant to help maintain our provision with resources, toys and equipment for the children, around 80% of our children are funded or come from low income families, have additional needs or don’t have access to the variety of activities we provide. We pride ourselves on being very community centred and adopt the approach of involving as many parents as we can in all that we do. This, in turn, gives everyone a sense of belonging within our setting.

The sole purpose of this equipment is to provide an environment which allows children to thrive and develop by giving them the best possible start to their early years and development whilst addressing all areas of learning based on statutory guidelines

Because our fees are kept low and affordable our income amounts to what we need to sustain ourselves each month, paying staff wages and buying only necessary food and cleaning resources etc in turn this does not yet leave us with enough of a surplus for us to have the luxury of buying new equipment.

This grant would not only help us now but be able to hopefully attract new families from Podsmead to start with us and give us the resources to show what we can provide and what the children can have access to. We work a lot with the community and existing parents often signposting to other professionals, courses or information when their child has an additional need or the parent themselves need extra support.

Project Cost: £1,760

Community support needed: 30

Where: Widden Old Boys RFC Tuffley Avenue

Timescale: 6 months +

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