Podsmead Community Association (Ramblers) Outdoor Seating

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£4,710 project cost

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Podsmead Community Association (Ramblers) Outdoor Seating

Podsmead Community Association would like to add outdoor seating to our safe and secure outdoor area. We want to encourage local families to use the community centre with the secure outdoor space which is under used by local families. The aim is to encourage more families and groups to use the great outdoor space. Many groups use the centre for various community activities. However sadly when its nice weather they have nowhere to sit in the garden. We would like to apply for some standard heavy-duty bench's, some children’s play bench's with games printed as well as some wheelchair friendly benches. This will encourage more of the community to use this great space.

Project Cost: £4,710

Community support needed: 50

Where: Podsmead

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