Milton Avenue Stage 2 by: Nicola Simpson

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Milton Avenue Stage 2 by: Nicola Simpson

What is the aim of this project?

This project aims to create and maintain a much needed wild green space in the centre of Podsmead. Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust wants to:

  • Work with residents to train with skills to maintain green spaces
  • Run events to generate interest in nature and green spaces
  • Support habitat improvements
  • Creation of new habitat in green spaces and gardens
  • Creation of tree trail around Milton Avenue
  • Clearance and re –shaping of Milton Avenue green space pond

This space will be available for all local residents to use and enjoy, in particular local families, but also for wildlife to thrive. Wildlife in urban areas is struggling, and without wild green spaces such as the Milton Avenue Green Space, we will continue to see animals such as hedgehogs, dragonflies and birds decline. This project will survey wildlife within the green space and provide opportunities for local people to learn about what lives there and how to look after it. The local community will also have the opportunity to learn new skills to manage this space, these skills will be extremely useful not just in managing this area but any green space. Communities will be brought together working for a shared goal – a happier, healthier Podsmead that everyone can be proud of! New communities will also be connected by working in other green spaces in Podsmead and creating features for their own gardens.Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust would like to work with the Podsmead Community to continue improvements to the Milton Avenue Green Space. In partnership with Podsmead Big Local and the local community

Project Cost: £9,954

Community support needed: 70

Where: Milton Avenue

Timescale: 6 months +

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Nicola Simpson

T : 01452 383333