Milton Avenue green space community project

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Milton Avenue green space community project

In total, Podsmead ward has 12.13ha of open space, classified as; informal green space, green infrastructure, spaces for children and young people, amenity green space or sports provision. None are classified as countryside and natural spaces.

Several studies have highlighted the positive association between richness of wildlife and plant species within an environment with mental wellbeing, psychological wellbeing and neighbourhood satisfaction increase in relation to greater species richness and abundance and increased vegetation density. On the other hand, overgrown and unmanaged green spaces can create a negative impact, crafting anxiety caused by fear of crime.

Milton Avenue Open Space is in the heart of Podsmead, so will benefit a large portion of the community. It is also 5 minutes’ walk from the Ramblers Community Centre, which is used by many groups and these groups could enjoy and use this space. Additionally the project will develop opportunities for volunteering, allowing residents to not only develop skills, but volunteering helps people feel a part of their community, grow in confidence, meet new people, have a positive impact and have fun. 

Project Cost: £36,000

Community support needed: 1

Where: Milton Avenue

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