Frequently Asked

Anyone who either lives, works, has children at school or comes to clubs within the Podsmead boundaries agreed by the Lottery.  Please see our about page for more info and the map.

The money comes from the Lottery funded Big Local programme, which is managed by the Local Trust.  There is a total of £1,000,000 plus interest which has to be spent by the end of 2025.

It has to cover running cost until 2025,or earlier if the money has been spent.  We cannot spend money on anything the government already pays or anything religious or political. More information on this can be found in our governance section.

Yes, but we cannot accept an application for something that you have already paid for or ordered. If you have a great project, which follows the rules and the community supports it, we will figure out if there’s money to fund it.

Yes, you do and what you need to do is:

Request an ID, via the Sign In tab and follow instructions.  If you haven't received an authorisation email, please check your SPAM or JUNK folder, in case it's in there.

After you've created your ID through Sign-up, you will need to Log-in.

You will use your Log-In if you want to set up a grant application or vote for your own or any other application.

Grant applications have 4 simple stages, ensuring the community decides where funds are spent, the process is the same irrespective of the amount requested:

  1. Applicant enters grant request
  2. Podsmead Big Local check all is OK with Big Local rules and set community support target
  3. Grant application now open for community votes of support
  4. Grant funding is approved when the community support target is reached

Bursaries can support talented individuals to further develop their proven ability and future potential. Applications for bursaries must come from the individual’s club on behalf of the individual. The club does not need to be within the Podsmead Big Local area, however the individual needs to live  in the Podsmead Big Local area as shown on our map.

What’s a talented individual? Someone identified by their club as being outstanding within the club and their relative peer group who is already demonstrating competition potential or already competing at national or international level for their activity.

Evidence of wider community benefit is key to ensuring that a bursary is compliant with the Local Trust guidance. This could include how the individual will demonstrate their skills to the wider community and act as a role model for other aspiring individuals. Regular publicity about their progress in the Podsmead Big Local Blogs and Facebook updates will be key to this.  

Just drop us an email or pop into the HUB during our office hours.

About you and your group

  1. Are you acting on behalf of a group or an organisation or an individual or is this a bursary?
  2. What is your Group Name, and what’s the aim & purpose of the Group?
  3. Contact details: Address, Phone no, Email, Charity no. / Group / Organisation Name
  4. Does your group provide a service and is this free at the point of delivery?

Aim of this project/grant application?

  1. Does it include purchase of assets?
  2. Does it include provision of service and is this free at the point of delivery?
  3. Does it include running costs?

Tell us more about your project

  1. Where is the project? In Podsmead or outside of Podsmead?
  2. How long will it last? Less than 6 months, 6 months +, 2 years or 5 years + ?
  3. How often will it happen? One- off, weekly, monthly or other?
  4. How many residents will benefit? 12+, 50+, 100+, 300+ or 500+?

We just need a few details about the finances of your project

  1. What is the total cost of your project?
  2. Are there contributions from your group or grants from anywhere else?
  3. Amount you are applying for and is this project dependent on PBL Grant?
  • To submit a grant application just drop a note or come to Podsmead Big Local at the HUB and we’ll help you to set it up and keep you informed
  • To vote for a grant application just pop in to the HUB and we’ll help

We can help you with this.  Just get in touch by email, Facebook or come in to the HUB

Because it's up to the community to decide what gets approved.  Every vote counts and yours might just be the one that makes the application hit it's target!

If you don't live in Podsmead but you either work or come to clubs, or your children attend school in the area, your vote will count.

It's up to the community to decide what the money is spent on, as long as the grant application is within Big Local rules. The applicant needs to let the community know that they can show their support for a grant application by voting.

Community support targets vary depending on the amount being requested. e.g.,

  • Up to £999 = 15+ votes
  • £1,000+ = 30+ votes
  • £2,500 + = 50+ Votes
  • £5000+ = 70+ Votes
  • £10,000+ = 100+ Votes
  • £25,000+ = 120+ Votes
  • £50,000+ = 150+ Votes

You need to request an ID, via the Sign In tab and follow instructions. 

After you've created your ID through Sign-up, you will need to Log-in.

You can vote once per grant application and you can vote for your own application.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you do experience problems voting, please make sure that you have entered all mandatory information, in particular your post code.  This can be done from your Dashboard, by Updating your Profile.  Any problems, drop us an email at

Existing users just need to click on "forgot my password" on the Log In tab and follow instructions.

Grant applications are reviewed on a monthly basis.  During this process you will receive regular updates via email.

We cannot make payments to individuals, only to groups or organisations.  Payments will be made by bank transfer.

The Local Trust is the national body that governs the Big Local for all 150 sites which have each received £1,000,000. 

For more information click here to go to Local Trust website