Someone should do something about that

How many times have we looked at something and thought someone should sort that out, or we could do with more things for our youngsters to do? Or even worse, we have seen something that’s is wrong ether fly tipping, potholes or anti-social behaviour and not done something about it.

It is so easy to let things slide, “I’m not going to that”, “it’s not my job/responsibility”. “Someone else will do something about it”.

Apathy is a lack of feeling, emotion, interest, and concern. Apathy is a state of indifference, or the suppression of emotions such as concern, excitement, motivation, or passion.

I have only lived in Podsmead for 5 years, but I love this place and I have a real Passion for Podsmead. Now; I am aware that Podsmead is full of passionate people and people who want to see things change for the better, people that want to make a difference and people that have the time, the energy and the skills to do something about it.

So many of us don’t see the connections. It is so easy to label people and places. One crime reported in the press and it appears that Podsmead is a no-go area!Did you know that Podsmead has a lower crime rate than any other area in the South West. Podsmead has a wonderful mix of cultures, some amazing young people and people with skills and knowledge to share.

Podsmead big local is all about this community – Podsmead. We have funds available for projects big and small, we just want to hear from you -our community.

Lots of people have said what a great place the new play park is at Tuffley Park (Wingates), this was a Big Local Project and we have some ideas for further projects such as developing the green space at Milton Avenue, including community allotments and refurbishing the play area. Smaller projects like a new bingo machine for Badger Vale and funding a business start-up are good examples.

However, we want to do more, and we can’t do this without your support, come and visit us at the Hub at 15a Scott Avenue. We can come and see you just get in touch.

Here are my contact details: Tel: 01452415223Mob:07709028171


To put your ideas forward and make an application sign up to our website:

There are many reasons to get involved in the Podsmead Community, here are just a few.

  • You are surrounded by people who share similar values
  • So much to learn, so much to teach each other
  • You connect to people on a deeper level
  • You push each other for the better
  • You find team mates easily for projects you want to start
  • There is always something fun going on
  • You can count on your community connections
  • Your expenses will be lower
  • It’s great therapy
  • You can make friend for life

So, if you are community minded and want to make a difference then please get in touch. Let’s, make Podsmead a better place, where we can be proud about our community and encourage others to take an active part in doing something about it.

Let’s pick up our litter, report fly tipping, pick up our dog mess, report anti-social behaviour. Join in our projects to give the young people more positive things to do and get involved with.

We have some events planned for the coming months such as coach trips, Pooches in the Park, Pamper evenings and Family fun days. Any other ideas for community events are welcome.

Remember you’re the someone who can do something about it.