Milton Avenue Green Space

The recent spring like weather encouraged local residents to volunteer with clearing more of the Milton Avenue green space. Working alongside the team from Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (GWT), volunteers have opened up a big area on the site, providing an enjoyable space for local people, particularly families, to use. Wild spaces in urban areas are becoming rare, but are incredibly important for our health and wellbeing, especially for children.

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GWT would like to continue work with the Podsmead Community to further improve the Milton Avenue Green Space which is well used by local people and has been significantly improved. Keeping this area well managed and attractive will reduce anti-social behaviour in the area, create a more welcoming and attractive neighbourhood, one that the community can be proud of and maintain for the next generation.

Over the next 8 months GWT would like to work with the local community to provide the skills and knowledge to look after this area. They plan to run training days and recruit volunteers to form a ‘Friends of Milton Avenue Green Space’ group and will hold events to inform people about the wildlife of the site, work with students and local groups to survey to site for wildlife, increase information on site to aid learning and continue ongoing maintenance work, including a pond clear-out, woodland thinning and scrub clearance.

If you want to get involved with the Friends of Milton Avenue Green Space or have any ideas, we’d love to hear from you.Just use the contact tab.