Meeting New Friends At Badger Vale Court

This week during our grand tour of Podsmead; the Team called into Badgervale Supported Housing Scheme. The residents were having their weekly meeting and we had arranged to speak to them about Podsmead Big Local and to ask their views on how we could make a difference with them and their local community.

They were more like recycled teenagers than retired older people. It was very lively with plenty of good natured leg pulling particularly when I showed them the poster for our workshop “How to be Happy” which we will be putting on in the New Year . Everyone looked at one resident and said that he should definitely sign up for it. There was also a lot of interest in the Lantern Parade taking place in December.

They also had a serious side to the discussion, people wanted more for the younger generation to do, so that they didn’t get into trouble and they also mentioned that the local footpaths could do with some resurfacing as it was difficult for people with poor mobility to get about.

They also suggested that more benches are needed around the green spaces particularly around the Milton Avenue green space; recalling how the space was years ago and the old allotments that were in the area where Badgervale is now.

The group need a new bingo machine as the one they have doesn’t work anymore. We can help with this through a small grant application. Bingo is played at least 3 times a week and again at the Ramblers club. They would also like to get involved with our groups locally and perhaps have a trip with The Willow trust along the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal.

They are going to have a think about how they could help the community and then we will meet again…. ?don’t know where, don’t know when but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day. ? Oop’s sorry drifted off into song then.

If we haven’t visited you yet, we will catch up with you soon. We hope to finish our grand tour of Podsmead before Christmas. You can always call in to Podsmead HUB for a coffee and a chat or just give us a call on: 01452 415 223. Les, Kay and Richard look forward to talking with you