Podsmead Clearance Team

The story so far has been an interesting one

Let's start back at the beginning 2016 when Podsmead Big Local (PBL) funded Gloucester Wildlife Trust (GWT) to work with local volunteers to create an area that the Podsmead community would benefit from and help the wildlife which already lived there to grow, develop and diversify. Now in 2018 we are starting to see all the hard work coming together and led to the setting up of a social enterprise to manage 10 green areas around Podsmead.

Gloucestershire City Council (GCC) and local PBL volunteers have helped this group of teens to achieve a lot in their first year. During the long hot summer Podsmead Clearance Team (PCT) worked hard to keep Podsmead's green spaces looking good and working together with PBL were successful in winning the contract to maintain Milton Avenue Green Space, which was an achievement in itself as this area of land had not been looked after for a number of years which meant that once the GWT project came to an end, the grass and paths had become overgrown again.

The allocated budget allows the team to deliver 4 8-hour sessions per year to maintain the space, they still have one session left for this autumn and winter.The project is managed by the young people themselves, meaning they are gaining experience, building relationships with their local community and working to improve the image of young people in Podsmead.

Let’s meet the team

Jordan: manages the team; he distributes hours available and inspects the work done. He is also able to provide training for using grass and bush cutting machinery (When he started in March 2017 he was aged 16)

Brandon: is a regular contributor to the team and has been part of the team since its start. He is trained to use the mowers and bush cutters. (When he started in March 2017 he was also aged 16)

Connor: Although Connor has now left to go to college he was part of the initial team. (When he started in March 2017 he was also aged 16)

Lisa: PBL project champion and volunteer. Lisa supports the team and mentors Jordan.

Other members of the team are Billy, Callum, Charlotte and Kyle.