What Area
is covered?

This map shows the boundaries within which the projects can take place.

Podsmead Map


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What's On Newsletters

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Other documents

Podsmead Big Local Plan 2019-2022

Podsmead Information and Business Plan 3 for the period 2019 until the next plan in 2022

Podsmead Big Local Business Plan 2016

Podsmead Big Local Panel has agreed this plan to cover 2016 to 2018. During October 2018, Podsmead Big Local Panel will be working to develop the plan to cover 2019 to 2021

Community Grant voting slip

If you are unable to vote online, use this to cast your vote for a community project

Room Hire

Terms and conditions for hiring rooms at Podsmead HUB

Terms & Conditions for Applications 2020

Revised T & C for Podsmead Big Local Grant Applications

How can I apply
for a grant

There are two options Podsmead BIG Local offer as a means of applying for funding, under £1,000 apply for a Pod Grant over £1,000 apply for a Community Grant; keeping in mind that we cannot offer funding directly to individuals.

Click here to see full terms & conditions

Grant applications have 4 simple stages, ensuring the community decides where funds are spent, the process is the same irrespective of the amount requested:

1. Applicant enters grant request
2. Podsmead Big Local check all is OK with Big Local rules and set community support target
3. Grant application now open for community votes of support
4. Grant funding is approved when the community support target is reached

What do I need to do to vote and how many times can I vote?

1. You need to request an ID, via the Sign In tab and follow instructions.
2. After you've created your ID through Sign-up, you will need to Log-in.
3. You can vote once per grant application and you can vote for your own application.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do experience problems voting, please make sure that you have entered all mandatory information, in particular your post code. This can be done from your Dashboard, by Updating your Profile. Any problems, drop us an email at info@podsmeadbiglocal.co.uk

Pod grants

your group projects could be eligible for funding which could benefit Podsmead residents and the community

Apply now >


your group projects could be eligible for funding which could benefit Podsmead residents and the community

Apply now >